Contribution pour la revue Acquisition International

Article paru dans la revue britannique Acquisition International, par Yannick Poivey, fondateur de One intelligence.

Juillet 2013 - Article PDF

Yannick Poivey is the founder and managing director of One Intelligence LLC in Geneva, Switzerland. Prior to founding his own company in 2009, he worked for the US risk management firm Kroll, in Paris and Geneva.

One Intelligence delivers reputational and integrity due diligence research services in the context of international transactions, such as acquisitions or investments. The firm works both for international clients requesting some research in Switzerland, or Swiss-based clients who need information abroad. Subject of research include corporations as well as individuals.

 “Due to a stricter regulatory framework including FCPA rules, a growing number of organisations implement a first-level due diligence program that applies to third parties. However, we are happier with clients genuinely interested in the results of an in-depth integrity due diligence research, than with those who merely wish to “tick the box” for compliance purposes”.

Indeed, in-depth integrity due diligence research is a key component of a sound approach to risk management. “We regularly work for a financial institution which grows through the acquisition of boutique firms in emerging countries. Reputational risks are paramount in this line of business. As a result, before signing a deal, this client always asks us to conduct an integrity due diligence research into its prospective partner. To them, avoiding reputational risks is worth the costs”.

Reversely, the costs of skipping risk prevention can be high. “We had the case of those private investors who had put loads of money into an Asian company, based on data provided by an intermediary who appeared to be a crook. If they had made the effort of conducting an initial integrity due diligence research, they would have quickly understood that the intermediary could not be trusted and the target firm was bogus”.

Needless to say, media, Internet and database information is useful but never sufficient. Indeed, One Intelligence is convinced that inquiries with human sources generate the highest value added. Finding smart and collaborative ways to talk to interlocutors allows for fruitful information gathering to the benefit of clients.

Yannick Poivey

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