Pricing policy

Before starting a project we conduct a cost assessment built on preliminary research and contacts with our network. Based on a range of hourly rates and an estimated number of hours, we provide you with a clearly defined, capped budget. As a result, you will avoid any bad surprises and know in advance what exact budget you commit yourself to. In addition, various arrangements can be discussed depending on your needs:

  • Evergreen agreements are typically adapted to law firms and mid-size to large banks. To the benefit of clients with repeat needs, evergreen agreements provide for an anticipated number of research hours over a given period of time (such as 12 months). Full research projects as well as miscellaneous, limited requests can both be handled within the framework of the evergreen agreement. This solution allows for increased flexibility, reduced paperwork and fee rebates based on volume.
  • Success fees may be put in place in the context of asset searches, on a case-by-case basis and to the extent that performance benchmarks can be clearly defined at the outset of the project.
  • Fees for background checks on candidates can be adjusted as a proportion of the expected salary, in line with the pattern prevailing in the executive search industry.

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