Why outsource ?

You might not see why you would outsource intelligence gathering to a third party and spend money outside, while you estimate that you can do on your own.

Based on our experience with clients, we would put forward three key arguments in favour of outsourcing:

  • Being a third party allows us to conduct research while preserving the discretion of the assignment, to the extent that the name of your company will not be mentioned to interviewees. Outsourcing is therefore a sound strategic choice for discreet information gathering.

  • Retrieving, sorting out and analysing information is known for being a very time-consuming process. Doing it on your own will divert you and your team from your core business. Outsourcing saves time and money.

  • You may lack the language capabilities, network of local correspondents and knowledge of local intricacies that allow for comprehensive research abroad. Outsourcing significantly increases your geographical, linguistic and cultural outreach.

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