Law Firm

To the benefit of law firms and their clients, we deliver the following services:

Assistance to litigation

On behalf of a client, you wish to collect substantiated information or evidence which will help you win court proceedings, arbitration proceedings, or gain leverage in negotiations.

Case Studies

  • A client in the pharmaceutical sector was subject to defamatory contents published on a professional website. The client was convinced that the authors of the website were influenced by a competitor who also paid consulting fees to them. Therefore, before filing a claim against the publication, the client asked us to search for evidence of the financial links between their competitor and the professional website.
  • A client was suing a service provider due to a number of irregularities that had been committed to its detriment. Before filing claims for penalties in the region of several Million USD, our client’s lawyer asked us to investigate the decision-making structure of the service provider as well as its actual financial status.

Asset tracing

In the context of court proceedings or as a consequence of a favorable judgment, you need to locate assets controlled by the opposite party and confirm the regime of ownership of those assets.

Case Studies

  • In the context of a complex international succession, members of a wealthy family intended to retrieve the assets that were diverted by a rogue family member over a period of more than ten years. Through their lawyer, they mandated a thorough research into the assets owned by the dishonest family member.
  • An industrialist had agreed to purchase under certain conditions the shares held by its partner (a private equity firm) in a business venture. However, when asked to fulfill his promise to acquire his partner’s stake, the industrialist failed to do so. As a result, the private equity firm’s lawyer asked us to search the industrialist’s assets in order to compensate for the contractual breach.

Anticounterfeit investigations

On behalf of your client, you need to trace samples of counterfeit goods, locate selling points worldwide, identify distribution channels and production facilities as well as their respective beneficial owners.

Case Study

  • A Swiss luxury watch manufacturer committed heavy budgets to the identification and shutting down of websites which sold counterfeit versions of its products. However, this strategy was not as effective as expected, to the extent that websites closed following legal action were re-opened shortly after under a different name. As a more cost-efficient alternative, the watch manufacturer’s law firm asked to identify and investigate the beneficial owners of the websites in order to strike the counterfeiters at the head.

Reputational Due Diligence

Your client needs to inquire discreetly about the background, reputation, integrity and track record of a prospective business partner before completing an acquisition, investment, joint venture or commercial agreement.

Case Study

  • A wealthy entrepreneur had been approached by a mysterious party in order to bring financial backing to an ambitious scientific project. Before committing to such a venture, the entrepreneur asked his lawyer for advice. The lawyer suggested conducting an in-depth Reputational Due Diligence research into the potential business partner’s background, reputation and motivations.

KYC Investigations

Your client needs a discreet inquiry about the background, actual scope of professional activities and sources of financing of a prospective client in a foreign country.

Case Study

  • A Geneva-based private bank wished to investigate the profile of a prospective client residing in an African country. Before accepting this client, the bank asked its lawyer, as a matter of preserving the discretion of the assignment, to mandate a KYC investigation into this prospect.

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