Private Bank

To the benefit of private banks, we deliver the following services:

KYC Investigations

Your institution wishes to inquire discreetly about the background, actual scope of professional activities and sources of financing of a prospective client in a foreign country.

Case Study

  • A Geneva-based private bank wished to check allegations related to presumed connections between a prospective client in Russia, and a St-Petersburg criminal organization. Our research showed that in the early 2000s, “protection” from a certain criminal organization was indispensable in order to secure operations in the client’s line of business.

Reputational Due Diligence

Your institution wishes to inquire discreetly about the background, reputation, integrity and track record of a prospective business partner before signing a business agreement.

Case Study

  • A Switzerland-based private bank intended to launch operations in a Middle East country. In order to secure its license more easily and gain valuable political protection, the bank wished to enroll a local intermediary who claimed to have excellent introductions with the ruling family. Before signing the contract, the bank asked to verify discreetly the integrity and effectiveness of the connections claimed by the prospective intermediary.

Assistance to litigation

Your institution needs to collect substantiated information or evidence which will help win court proceedings or gain leverage in negotiations.

Case Study

  • A private bank was threatened by an outside individual who claimed to have obtained client data through an executive of the bank. Before filing a claim against the individual, the bank asked to investigate his profile including his background, network, past issues he was involved in, and potential motivations.

Asset tracing

In the context of court proceedings or as a consequence of a favorable judgment, you need to locate assets controlled by the opposite party and confirm the regime of ownership of those assets.

Case Study

  • A Geneva-based bank was owed in excess of 1 M CHF by a Ukrainian counterparty. The bank wished to locate and assess the value of the assets belonging to the Ukrainian entity, in order to decide whether it was worthwhile to initiate a lawsuit against this debtor.

Fraud Investigations

You wish to initiate a discreet review of rumors of fraud within the bank, or collect evidence with regard to a fraud that has already come to light.

Case Study

  • Rumors were heard about a relationship manager who had made inappropriate investments in the Middle East jointly with one of his clients. The private bank had decided to investigate the nature of the relationship manager’s and the client’s joint operations before taking legal action. It appeared that the relationship manager had diverted funds from several client accounts in order to purchase real estate assets in the Middle East and make short term profits by reselling them.

Pre-employment background screening

Before deciding on a senior recruitment, your institution wants to make sure that the applicant’s résumé is accurate and that his professional integrity is beyond reproach.

Case Study

  • A bank was at the point of hiring a high-profile candidate for the critical position of Chief Technology Officer. The candidate had made all of his career outside Switzerland, in a neighboring country. Before signing the work contract, the bank wished to make sure that the candidate had disclosed all relevant information and had not made up his résumé or dissimulated past issues with employers, including significant failures or fraud.

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